- Fargesia

Fargesia sp Tibashian 2

Fargesia sp Taibashan 1

Vu chez Jos van der Palen


Vu au Clos St Saturnin



-sp. Taibashan 1 (Max) Collected in Taibashan. Has small narrow leaves and an open habit. According to Demoly, these two bamboo species collected in Taibashan are F. qinlingensis. F. qinlingensis has flowered around 2000 in China so we think it is "New Generation".
Height 2-3 m.   sun till shadow       hardy between  -20/-25°C

-sp. Taibashan 2 (Max)  Collected in Taibashan. Is has broader leaves and is more colorful than No. 1. We think it is "New Generation".  
Height 2-3 m.   sun till shadow      hardy between  -20/-25°C